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Vetrepreneur Franchise Workshop   |   June 7

Watch the Vetrepreneur Franchise Bootcamp

Franchise Workshop   |   June 7

Nominate the Next Vetrepreneur® of the Year!

Nominate the Next Vetrepreneur® of the Year!

Vetrepreneur: A 2004 Vision That Continues to Fortify Veteran-Owned Businesses

Founded in 2004, Vetrepreneur has been rooted in the growth of veteran-owned businesses. We exist to strengthen this amazing community.

Welcome to, the epicenter of our mission to fortify the veteran business community and help military veterans transform their dreams of entrepreneurship into reality through the power of franchising. Here, we celebrate the outstanding leaders among us through our esteemed Vetrepreneur of the Year® program. It’s also the place where we rally Americans to “Buy Veteran,” urging them to choose goods and services offered by our dedicated vetrepreneurs creating a harmonious ecosystem that empowers and uplifts the veteran business landscape. Join us on this incredible journey of empowerment, inspiration, and success.

Vetrepreneur’s mission is to strengthen the veteran business community in helping military veterans reach their dream of veteran entrepreneurship through franchising. It’s also where we celebrate our leaders through the Vetrepreneur of the Year® program. It’s where we encourage Americans to “Buy Veteran,” to purchase goods and services from Vetrepreneurs. And, it’s where we hire veterans to work for Vetrepreneurs.

Vetrepreneur Brand History

Veterans Business Journal

In 2004, the precursor to Vetrepreneur, the Veterans Business Journal, emerged as a fervent advocate for the 3 million veteran-owned businesses (VOBs) nationwide. Through its magazine and signature Veteran-Owned Business Expos (VOBE), it forged vital connections between VOBs and Fortune 1000 companies, opening doors to lucrative supplier diversity program opportunities. This pivotal year marked the beginning of our mission to scrutinize federal agencies’ progress in achieving their 3% collaboration goal with VOBs and SDVOBs (Service Disabled VOBs), shedding light on both commendable and lacking agencies.

Throughout its journey, Vetrepreneur magazine has taken pride in narrating the remarkable stories of successful VOBs while furnishing essential insights to nurture their growth. Our enduring commitment to veteran entrepreneurs drives our transformation into the trusted platform we are today.

In 2004, prior to being renamed as Vetrepreneur, Veterans Business Journal started as an advocate and a voice for the nation’s 3 million veteran-owned business (VOBs) through its magazine and events {Veteran-Owned Business Expos (VOBE)} while connecting VOBs to Fortune 1000 companies and their supplier diversity program’s business opportunities. It’s in 2004 when we started to track if federal agencies are reaching their 3% goal of doing business with VOBs and SDVOBs (Service Disabled VOBs) by reporting on which agencies are performing as well as those that still have work to do. Vetrepreneur magazine also had the honor of telling the amazing stories of successful VOBs while also providing valuable insights into helping them grow their businesses.

Vetrepreneur of the Year

In 2006, we launched the Vetrepreneur of the Year® program, celebrating outstanding veteran-owned business owners who epitomize inspiration through their exceptional commitment to entrepreneurship. It has been our privilege to acknowledge a multitude of remarkable individuals, and we eagerly anticipate honoring many more in the future.

In 2006, we started the Vetrepreneur of the Year® program, awarding veteran-owned business owners who have gone above and beyond in business ownership, a person others can be inspired by. We are honored to recognize so many amazing individuals and the many more to come.

National Veteran-Owned Business Association

In 2007, a pivotal rebranding effort transformed Veterans Business Journal into Vetrepreneur, marking the genesis of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA). This innovative organization advocates for state legislation akin to support for woman-owned and minority-owned businesses. Simultaneously, NaVOBA champions veteran-owned businesses (VOBs) by facilitating connections with Fortune 1000 corporations, providing access to supplier diversity programs and opportunities. This evolution catalyzed remarkable growth, elevating state registrations from a mere three to an impressive 28 states with dedicated legislation on the books. Over time, NaVOBA transitioned into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, certifying Veteran’s Business Enterprises (VBEs) and Service-Disabled Veteran’s Business Enterprises (SDVBEs) for the private sector. NaVOBA’s efficient process, including direct military service record retrieval, minimizes fraud risks and ensures the legitimacy of certified businesses.

In 2007, Veterans Business Journal was renamed as Vetrepreneur, which also started the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA) which advocates for and tracks state legislation similar to woman-owned and minority-owned businesses while also advocating for and connecting VOBs to Fortune 1000 corporation’s supplier diversity program and opportunities, and has since turned into a non-profit organization which continues it’s mission and certifies VOBs as NaVOBA Certified Veteran’s Business Enterprises. Growth of state registration rose from only 3 states with legislation in the books to 28.

Buy Veteran

In 2010, Vetrepreneur initiated the Buy Veteran campaign, a visionary endeavor aimed at fostering opportunities for America’s vast community of 3+ million veteran-owned businesses. At the core of this campaign lies a heartfelt belief that the most meaningful way to express gratitude for a veteran’s service is by supporting their businesses. Through our platform, members can attain the coveted status of “Verified” Veteran-Owned Business Owners by utilizing on our website. This distinction grants them exclusive rights to prominently display the Buy Veteran “Veteran-Owned Business” badge, available in both physical decal and digital formats. Additionally, members enjoy the benefits of a searchable listing on the website and numerous other privileges, all designed to elevate and promote their businesses.

In 2010, Vetrepreneur started the Buy Veteran campaign to create opportunities for America’s 3+ million veteran-owned businesses. We say the best way to thank a veteran for their service is to buy from them. Members can become “Verified” Veteran-Owned Business Owners through on our website and are given full rights to use the Buy Veteran “Veteran-Owned Business” badge, both physical decal and digital file, searchable listing on the website and more!

Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching
Vetrepreneur Franchise Workshop

In 2022, our mission at Vetrepreneur expanded further with the launch of the Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching program. This initiative is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of veterans who aspire to become business owners through franchising. We’ve meticulously crafted a 10-step proven process, guiding veterans through self-assessment, discovery, selection, validation, and ultimately, ownership. To complement this program, we offer the Vetrepreneur Franchise Workshop, a concise and informative session lasting less than an hour. During the workshop, participants delve into Franchising 101, dispel common franchising myths, explore why veterans excel in this arena, and engage in an interactive Q&A session. Best of all, our Franchise Coaches are available to you completely free of charge, along with all the resources you need to embark on your franchising journey.

In 2022, Vetrepreneur’s mission continues to grow the veteran business movement by helping veterans who’s dream is to become business owners through franchising by started Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching. Here we have developed a 10 step proven process of self assessment, discovery, selection, validation through to ownership. We also provide a Franchising Workshop for veterans where in less than one hour, we’ll teach you Franchising 101, we’ll debunk the five myths of franchising, we’ll tell you why veterans are so well suited for franchising and we’ll finish with a Q&A session. At the conclusion, you’ll have the option of signing up for a Franchise Coach. And all of it, including the Franchise Coach, is free. 

Vetrepreneur Podcast

In 2023, Vetrepreneur started a Podcast bringing coaching, interviews, inspirational success stories and more to ignite your passion in business ownership. It’s where we celebrate vetrepreneurs, where we encourage people to Buy Veteran and where we create new vetrepreneurs through our free franchise coaching service.

Vetrepreneur Through the Years

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