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Vetrepreneur Franchise Workshop   |   June 7

Watch the Vetrepreneur Franchise Bootcamp

Franchise Workshop   |   June 7

Nominate the Next Vetrepreneur® of the Year!

Nominate the Next Vetrepreneur® of the Year!

Vetrepreneur Success! Veterans Find Triumph in Franchise Ownership Through Franchise Coaching

Vetrepreneur Success! Veterans find triumph in franchise ownership through Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching Services

Are you a veteran dreaming of becoming your own boss? Perhaps you’ve served your country with honor and are now looking for the next mission in the civilian world. Transitioning from military service to entrepreneurship can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Enter Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching Services (Learn more their services here), a program with franchises for veterans that is designed to guide veterans through the complex landscape of franchise ownership. But don’t just take our word for it. Read these Vetrepreneur reviews of fellow veterans who have embarked on this path and found success with the help of Vetrepreneur.

Assembling the right team and finding the perfect franchise opportunities for veterans are crucial steps in the journey towards franchise ownership. That’s where Vetrepreneur comes in. With a roster of experienced franchise coaches who understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing veterans, Vetrepreneur provides personalized guidance every step of the way. Read these Vetrepreneur testimonials of veterans who have benefited from the mentorship and support of Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching Services.

Emmanuel Bronson Vetrepreneur and Franchisee

Emmanuel B., Franchisee, Air Force veteran

It was a true pleasure working with Doug on our journey to franchise ownership. He kept us on the straight and narrow the entire way, providing guidance when we needed it. In addition, we had never heard of the franchise we were awarded before Doug brought it to our attention as a potential fit. I’ll also say that the guidance provided in the Vetrepreneur website was extremely valuable. Specifically for understanding what questions to ask the franchisors, current franchisees, and the loan providers. Summarized, Doug’s partnership has been marked by his professional excellence and dedicated mentorship. His contributions have not only led us to a promising franchise opportunity but have also fostered a sense of confidence and clarity as we step into the realm of franchise ownership.

Tolulope O. Vetrepreneur and Franchisee

Tolulope O., Franchisee, Navy veteran

Owning my own business has been a topic of discussion in our dinner table for years. I had been in search for an opportunity to add another revenue stream while at the same time enabling me to continue my other responsibilities. I stumbled upon Vetrepreneur® one day by chance, as I was perusing the monthly veteran news. I am glad I did. From the initial registration to getting awarded the franchise agreement, it has been a pleasant and wholesome experience. My franchise coach was there every step of the way to answer any questions that I had. He listened to my concerns and took the time to be patient with me. I would definitely recommend anyone looking to own a franchise to go through the Vetrepreneur team!

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Michael Goodman

Michael G., Franchisee, Army veteran

As a U.S. Army veteran I am always looking for a new challenge and had always wanted to own a business. I just never knew how or where to start. When I learned about I was researching immediately. Once I was happy with what I saw I asked for more info. Next thing I know I was working with my franchise coach George, an Air Force veteran. He had been a franchise owner before and was ready to assist me along this new journey. It took a few simple questions to see what I was interested in to find the available options in my area. All I had to do was pick one. Once I did that George guided me through the rest of the steps. My coach was there for every question and concern I had. Thanks to George and the staff at, I am now the owner/operator of a local food vending machine company. A path I never saw myself on but am surely happy to on it now!

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Tim and Elena Paige

Tim & Elena P., Franchisees, Navy veterans

This is not just another random veteran program to complete a checkbox. I started my journey not knowing for sure what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to be my own boss. Starting with just the Vetrepeneur online information call, I knew that if I ever was going to have the chance to be a business owner this was my shot. When googling franchises, it can be quite overwhelming with how many options there are and not knowing the right questions to ask. Doug always listened and guided me to what interested me and my skillsets. The Vetrepeneur program is breaking down walls that exist and giving confidence to the little guy that greatness is achievable. I would have never broken out my shell if it were not for this program. I can’t thank the team enough for offering a free program to veterans that provides generational wealth opportunities to families like mine.

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Rashad Johnson

Rashad J., Franchisee, Navy veteran

When I began my franchise journey, I was dubious. My perspective completely changed after I met my coach. Throughout the entire process, my franchise coach was there for me. We met every week, but whenever I had a question or worry, he would answer the phone and help me with it. He was affable and a pleasure to speak with. I wish I had taken this action years ago. Love and regards to the Vetrepreneur team.

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Angela Morales

Angela M., Franchisee, Navy veteran

After taking a few years off after my military service I was ready to find my next amazing career.  I found an announcement for a webinar for Veterans geared toward owning their own franchise. Since my net was cast so wide, I was easily open to the idea.

The webinar featuring VETREPRENEUR was intriguing and inviting. I was immediately interested, but never felt pressured. Weeks after the webinar, I initiated contact with VETREPRENEUR. From there, emails followed, I was assigned an amazing coach, and the journey began. From the start, the process was fun and exciting, and all the players from VETREPRENEUR to the franchise development teams proceeded on my timeline. My virtual meetings were exciting and brimming with information allowing me to make informed decisions. My VETREPRENEUR Coach, Doug Hoerster, who tailored this whole experience to me, provided such good and timely guidance. I started the VETREPRENEUR journey in late November 2023, and in February 2024, I became a franchise owner. I am extremely excited for what lies ahead. Don’t be afraid to dream big, and bring VETREPRENEUR along to help your dreams come true!

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Julio Choy

Julio C., Franchisee, Army veteran

Chris stood by our side every step of the way, dedicating his time and expertise to help us find the perfect fit for our entrepreneurial goals. His in-depth knowledge of the franchise industry, coupled with his genuine commitment to our success, made the journey all the more pleasant and rewarding. With Chris’s guidance, we are thrilled to announce that our Home Clean Heroes Franchise is set to open its doors in mid-September. This achievement would not have been possible without his invaluable insights, unwavering dedication and support. We wholeheartedly recommend working with Chris Hale from Vetrepreneur to aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to embark on their franchise journey. His professionalism, expertise, and genuine care for his clients make him an outstanding partner in achieving business goals.

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Nanette Thomas

Nanette T., Franchisee, Army veteran

I had been registered and receiving emails from Vetrepreneur for quite some time after retiring from the Army. Becoming a Business Owner was something I’d always dreamed of but due to the unknowns, I was hesitant at taking the leap until one day after a brief conversation with my husband who himself has been a Business Owner for over 20 years, I decided it didn’t hurt to research. At this point, I signed up to take the Initial information brief with Vetrepreneur. Once that was complete I was assigned a Franchise Coach named George. George was amazing throughout the 10 step process. George, a prior retiree and Franchisee himself had a vast amount of experience and knowledge. George was there with us from the beginning through Fruition as we progressed through the process, texting and checking on us as we went to Discovery Day, ensuring we had the right experts at our fingertips at the right time during the process from Tax Experts to Attorneys to SBA Loan Advisors all of which had a vast amount of knowledge and advisement within their perspective swim lanes allowing the process to flow more smoothly giving me/us the peace of mind we needed to move forward and become successful Franchisees with our chosen Franchise.

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee David J Vermette

David V., Franchisee, Air Force veteran

My wife and I were looking to open a business and starting a business from scratch with no experience was a pretty risky venture. I attended a Boots to Business class which had a segment on a veteran owned company that got their start through Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching and I was sold!

After a few introductory calls and meetings, I was assigned Chris Hale as my franchise coach, we went through several options of franchises available in my area before we decided on Hounds Town USA. We began our process in January of 2023 and attended our approval day in June 2023 with a signed agreement in July of 2023.

Chris and his team supported and explained every step of our process, using the service was free and the end result of the mentorship, encouragement and support was invaluable. On our franchise approval day there were 12 other potential franchisees, when I spoke about Vetrepreneur and what support we had they were all in awe! All of them were in their process for over a year and had to figure everything out on their own. I cannot emphasize enough what Chris and his team has done for us and encourage anyone considering a franchise to take advantage of this service!

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee DaShawn Williams

DaShawn W., Franchisee, Army veteran

Working with Chris Hale was exceptional. Chris Hale had my best interest from the beginning of the process. He provided me with a quality list of franchises and helped me narrow down to one that fit for me. He ensured me he would be with me every step of the process and was one call away if I needed help. I ended up choosing Ground Guys because I was profound by their code of care, uniform, and luxury lawn care service that takes pride in the services. Upon approval, Chris reached out and congratulated me as well as sent me a gift showing that he cared and was genuinely proud of what I had accomplished. I will highly recommend Chris to other veterans seeking franchises.

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Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Slade Abisror

Slade A., Franchisee, Navy veteran

As an entrepreneur I was looking for my next venture and wanted to own a business that provided a service for others.  I wanted to make a difference in my community.  I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and while researching franchise opportunities I came across Vetrepreneur.  They are a company of experienced franchise coaches who through a series of tools including personality and skills assessment tests will pair the Veteran with franchise opportunities that have the best chance for success for that individual.  From the start I was fortunate to have Chris Hale as my franchise coach, who also happens to be a Navy Veteran.  Chris was professional, patient and guided me through every step of the process making sure I was comfortable in my decisions without pressure to sign any contract.  Ultimately, I chose to partner with and become a Senior Helpers franchise owner and have been loving every second of the journey.  I would not have known about this opportunity if it wasn’t for Chris and the Vetrepreneur team.

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Juanita Bovain, franchise

Juanita B., Franchisee, Navy veteran

My coach was a great franchise coach, he was able to connect me with a franchise that without his guidance I would not have even considered as an option for me. All of the partners he recommended from the attorney to the lender were responsive, knowledgeable and offered great insight. I officially opened my doors with College HUNKS Hauling Junk and Moving July 21, 2023 and without my coach’s guidance and support I may not have felt confident enough to see this through.

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Beau McNeff

Beau M., Franchisee, Army veteran

My coach was tremendous to work with. He wasn’t pushy, or salesy and took the time to get to know me, what I wanted out of my own business, and where I was in life. He presented me multiple options, and helped me narrow them down based on my background and desires. Once I chose my concept, my coach helped me in finding support options for services, helped me connect to the right folks, and really sold me and the franchise on each other. I would partner with him again any day!

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Jake Whitchurch

Jake W., Franchisee, Army veteran

My coach reached out to me after I filled out an interest form for franchising coaching services. From the very beginning my coach was focused on what would be best for my situation and he was the perfect balance between professional and personal. Working with my coach was like working with a friend that wanted to get me into the best business possible. He explained everything that was happening and what needed to happen, and walked me through every step of the process.

He made introductions that I needed for every step and made it so easy (almost too easy!) for me to begin the process of buying and opening my own franchise. I’ve told others about my great experience with my coach and what a pleasure it was to work with him. Everyone I’ve told is floored at the level of assistance and guidance that he provided and how simple it actually is to start the process of owning your own business. Thank you so very much for the experience you gave me! I hope to be able to send as many of my friends your way as I can!

Vetrepreneur and Franchisee Caleb Schutter

Caleb S., Franchisee, Marine Corps veteran

I served 10 years in the Marine Corps and then B2B sales for about 5 years. I found that no matter how much I sold as a Sales Engineer the “sales game” just kept changing to keep my take home money as low as possible. So I started looking online at how to own a business. I thought franchising would be a great way to at least start in business and work for myself. I met my franchise coach on LinkedIn and had a few conversations with him. My franchise coach answered a lot of beginner questions for me at first with a couple meetings. After I connected the dots with how franchising worked, my franchise coach started looking for the right match for me. We looked at dozens of franchises and my coach was very informative on the pros and cons to each. My coach was the perfect contact for me to get started in my journey of owning a business. I refer my coach anytime anyone asks me how to get started.

In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship, having a trusted guide can make all the difference. Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching Services not only provides valuable insights and support but also fosters a sense of community among veterans pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. As you embark on your own journey towards franchise ownership, consider joining the ranks of those who have found success with Vetrepreneur by their side.

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