Veteran Franchise Coaching

Vetrepreneur Franchise Workshop   |   Dec 1

Franchise Workshop   |   Dec 1

Vetrepreneur Franchise Coaching
Discovery Meeting 30%

Step 3 - Discovery Meeting

This is a 45-minute casual conversation on a video call with one of our coaches to determine your skills, lifestyle, financial resources and location and how those line up with the thousands of franchise opportunities. 

What You’ll Gain

Required Tasks to Complete

This meeting is all about you. Help us understand who you are, what you bring and your goals.

Make sure your profile is finished prior to talking with your coach. We’ll review this together.

This helps your coach understand you and also provides critical information for the franchisor when your coach introduces you to their franchise opportunity.

This will give us a better understanding of your background, experience and education.

Keep Yourself Organized

We have created a spreadsheet for you to keep yourself organized throughout each step of your franchise journey.

Keep track of all your contacts, meetings, compare your franchise options side-by-side and track your funding options. We’ve also provided suggested questions to ask franchisors and franchisees in Steps 5 and 8 to aide you in selecting the best franchise for you.

Feel free to add additional tabs and information as you see fit. This is your document. Only you will have access to it.

To access this spreadsheet, click here or click “Access Organizer” button below.

Click below download your organizer sheet and keep track of everything though your franchise journey.

Once you have your Discovery Meeting, your coach will provide access to additional steps. 

Step 4 is an exciting step where you get to see how your skills and experience line up with specific franchise opportunities. Your coach will notify you when your franchise options are viewable in the “Dashboard”. You’ll be able to review them by clicking on “Dashboard” in the left navigation, then select “Franchise Options”.